A joint Project of PhilHealth Sumisip District Hospital
Various programs are being implemented currently by the national government which are committed on proving equity, equality and the access to health, and some of these were focused on solving older citizen’s health issues. The national government through Philhealth together with local government recognized this health issue of the community’s senior citizen, as these health issues are continuously affecting both the local and country’s economy and health care costs.

Interventions in our context are further offered in various ways, ranging from general legislative measures to programmatic interventions, and health promotion interventions were taken in different forms –from small projects to large national programs. They can be funded and organized by donations from individuals or NGOs, or through taxation by national governments. In Short, Health Promotion is typified by Heterogeneity in every conceivable aspect.

An indication of these health promotion was manifested through the initiative of Sumisip District Hospital in partnership with PhilHealth as the hospital organized a well-planned program tagged as ALAGA KA senior Citizen was realized last August 29, 2017 at Sumisip District Hospital compound catering basic services such as consultation with free medicines, blood sugar screening, sputum and microscopy. Free meals were also provided to the senior citizens during the one-day activity.

However, initiative such as the ALAGA KA Senior Citizen would not be realized without the support of the committed local leaders of Basilan and Health care providers of a community and for this local initiative, Hon. Jim S. Hataman-Salliman, governor of the lone District Basilan spearheaded the activity (represented by Harrybert S. Hadjala, Supervising AO of the PHO) and was reinforced by local health care providers led by the Chief of Hospital, Dra. Jamila Imelda A. Ballaho together with Dra. Nujum L. Datu Indal, Medical Officer III, and Edwin Arianne L. Osamad, Administrative Assistant II of SDH, as the form liners on providing the free services during the activity. The said activity was also graced by the LHIO officer, Genevieve N. Pascua who administer the distributions of PhilHealth ID’s and MDR to selected senior Citizen of 4 Barangays of Sumisip (Look-Bait, Kaum-air, Sahaya Bohe Bato and Upper benembengan)

Indeed, the ALAGA KA senior Citizen Program is an effective initiative in reaching out a specific group within a population which are seen as singled out recipient of health promotion intervention the older adult who are vulnerable and often neglected by the previous health programs and preference in social policy. The need to promote health among older people should be highlighted. The implication of conducting an activity such as the ALALA KA Senior Citizens as health promotion programs for the elderly require more involvement of professional health promoters and more individualized approaches.