The Drill was conducted at Maluso National High School ground to its students and faculties as beneficiaries involving the PNP, BFP, DSWD, LGU, RHU, responders from Barangays shipyard and upper port hollland. It was spearheaded by the PDRRMO- Basilan with technical assistance from OCD-ARMM and In coordination with the Maluso MDRRMO and supported by Hon. Governor Jim S. Hataman Salliman.

The PDRRMO-Basilan and OCD-ARMM conducted a “Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill” in Barangay Upper Port Holland, Maluso last September 27, 2017 with the participation and help of PNP, BFP, MDRRMO-Maluso, RHU-Maluso, BLGU Upper Port Holland, Maluso National High School and BERN. Simultaneous Nationwide Earthquake Drill enhances the capability preparedness and response of every agency/team involved.

At around 8:30 am PDRRMO-Basilan and OCD-ARMM travelled to Barangay Upper Port Holland Municipality of Maluso, where the drill is to be conducted. At exactly 9:30 am, the team arrived in the area. At the time of arrival, the orientation was started. MDRRMO Maluso and LGU-Maluso did the preparation for the activity. The orientation of the participants was headed by the OCD-ARMM and PDRRMO-Nixon M. Alonzo. Participants were well oriented by the resource persons, instructions as to the things to do and not to do during the drill was presented. There was a brief summary of the types of disasters affecting and is ti affect the locality, such as but not limited to natural disaster (tsunami) and Human induced disasters as a result of conflict.

Simulations on the scenario and the things to do per sector and cluster and agencies was thoroughly explained and demonstrated the technical experts from the PNP, OCD and the PDRRMO.

The actual drill was conducted around 2 O’clock in the afternoon at the same day. The orientation was applied by the participants during the Simultaneous earthquake drill.