Quran Memorization Competition: A Spiritual Encouragement to the Youth of Today

June 16, 2017
Ramadhan holds a unique position in the hearts and minds of our community. It is the month in which Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala opens His doors or mercy, forgiveness and blessings upon the believers; a holy month that is anxiously awaited by all the Muslims as they perform the duty of fasting. It has been in the blood of every mankind who practices Islam to observe purity and ease in fasting.

Fasting during the month of Ramadhan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. The month is spent by Muslims fasting during the daylight hours from dawn to sunset and in which the Qur’an was revealed. It is said that the holy Qur’an was sent down to the lowest heaven during Ramadhan, thus being prepared for gradual revelation by Jibreel (Gabriel) to Prophet Muhammad Sallā llāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam.

The first verses of the Qur’an were revealed during the month of Ramadhan, and the very first word was, “Read!” During this month, as well as other times during the years, Muslims are encouraged to read and reflect on Allah Almighty’s guidance.

It is in this sense that the Provincial Government of Basilan through the initiative of Governor Jim S. Hataman-Salliman, held its 10th year Quran Memorization competition during the month of Ramadhan in June 2017.

Hon. Ustadz Yusop T. Alano, the Executive Director of the Basilan Ulama Supreme Council (BUSC) and at the same time, the Provincial Vice Governor of this province, together with the members of the Ulama Council and respective guests also graced the occasion.

“This is one way to encourage the youth of today to memorize the holy Quran and to understand fully the words of guidance of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala”, Hon. Alano said.

There were almost twenty (20) constestants who vyed for the once-in-a-lifetime prizes such as a privilege to Hajj in Saudi Arabia for the winner — courtesy by the Provincial Government of Basilan specifically the Office of the Provincial Governor and scholarships on Islamic studies for the runners up.

“I would like to encourage the youth to study and memorize Qur’an for it is Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala’s guidance to all Muslims. It directs us to the right path and enlightens our soul to see good in things and in people around us. It is in this way that we may embody the essence of becoming a true Muslim. In Shaa Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala”, Hon. Alano added.

The importance of Quran is that it is a path to Allah (SWT); a way to find Allah and it is such a way that Allah (SWT) would like us to find him. Muslims believe that Qur’an is the word of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala and was given to Prophet Muhammad Sallā llāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam. The Qur’an tells us about what happened before and what is yet to come and it is a reference for judging between us human beings. It is a guide for humanity; it teaches every being how to lead to a good life, avoiding alcohol and other Haram doings so that we, Muslims especially the youth, can concentrate on Allah Almighty and learn how to respect people from other religions. Above all, it guides Muslims to give pray, give charity, fasting and pilgrimage.