Barangay Parangbasak, Lamitan City October 17, 2017Barangay Lower Bañas October 19, 2017

The Provincial Government of Basilan launched the first part of Paglissin Kawman Project in Brgy. Parangbasak, Lamitan City and Brgy. Lower Bañas, Lantawan. The Paglissin Kawman Project is a program of the provincial government to instill cleanliness to all communities in Basilan province. It is to institutionalize a paradigm of a clean community where refuse and or unwanted attitudes or negative cultural or norms are eradicated to the benefit of the community.

The program tends to impose cleanliness in all aspects of life thus, opening up an avenue where people themselves will change their attitudes towards making difference and thereby changing the socio-economic and cultural profile of Basilan.

Faith is said to advocate and push for clean environment, clean societal misdemeanors, and personal cleanliness as is posed by the cleansing body and soul therefore making available a society where people are aimed at positive and clean outlook in life.

Through the project, communities can portray to be peace and development oriented with a view to owning the responsibility to mend their own inequities and misgivings. The provincial government for starter provides latrines and initiated the cleanliness drive by planting with ornamentals the periphery of the houses along the national highways, it with the intention that people will follow suit and replicate and maintain the same.

The PDRRMO assisted in the delivery of the latrines and the bags of cements and also in the cleanliness drive in its assigned area in the vicinity of Barangay Baas in Lamitan and in Barangay Pamukalin in Lantawan Municipality respectively. And the following are the movements in connection to the program.

And in the afternoon thereafter, the PDRRMO also spearheaded the cleaning and removal of the fallen Balete tree in the premises of the capitol compound.