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Basilan Ports

Basilan as an island province is linked by port facilities to mainland Minadanao and other facilities. The main port if the Isabela City (Figure A) and the second is in Lamitan (Figure C.) but the busiest which goes far beyond our borders are the Maluso Ports (Figure B).


isabela port1 isabela port2

isabela port3 isabela port4


maluso port1 maluso port2

maluso port3 maluso port4

  • Shallow ports – this port is a doorway to other municipalities. Zamboanga City, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi. This is the main port of “Basnig”  (Fishing Boat Type Transport) travelling to other provinces.

shallow port1 shallow port2

shallow port3

  • Deep sea port – this is the port of entry of the once flourishing logging industry in the island province. Today it serves as the loading and unloading facility of products coming in and out of Maluso. It can accommodate even the international sea going vessel.

fishing port1 fishing port2

fishing port3 fishing port4

  • Fishing Port – Maluso is known as the fishing granary of Basilan. This port serve as link to Zamboanga City and the rest of Mindanao. Trucks from as far as Davao City are buying fish from this port. There are also fish buying stations in the area. The Ro-Ro port in Isabela City made it easy and fast in transporting fish outside of the province.


lamitan port1 lamitan port2

lamitan port3 lamitan port4

Lamitan terminal under construction, and funded by the city government of Lamitan City, and other boat landing is funded by the USAid in coordination with the local government of basilan.

Basilan LGU funded for areas affected by conflicts

The Provincial Government funded a 1.5 Million pesos for those area affected by the ongoing operation/conflict between the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the MILF at Al-Barka Municipality, Basilan.

There are 15 Barangay’s affected:

  1. Guinanta
  2. Mag Kawa
  3. Kuhun
  4. Kaili
  5. Bakisung
  6. Bohe Piyang
  7. Danapah
  8. Makalang
  9. Kuhun Lennuh
  10. Batu-Batu
  11. Look Bisaya
  12. Sangkahan
  13. Bukalew
  14. Kambug
  15. Linuan

The Provincial Government of Basilan in coordination with the Provincial Social Welfare and Development (PSWD), Provincial Information Office (PIO), Provincial Engineers Office (PEO), PHRMDO, and other concerned agencies joined force to deliver the relief goods to the evacuees.

relief 1 relief 2

relief 3 relief 4

Photo taken: Day 1 October 22, 2011:  150 sacks of rice, 1,500 pack of soap, Sardines, Noodles and other relief goods.

relief 5 relief 6

relief 7 relief 8

relief 9 relief 10

relief 11 relief 12

relief 13 relief 14

relief 15


The Provincial Information:

Photo Taken by: Dhatz Nassal/Jumar F. Amerin
Documented by: Jumar F. Amerin
Provincial Information Officer: Jurdan G.Juaini


[PIO-Basilan - Basilan, Philippines] An ongoing project: A construction of 2 storey (8 class room) school building with facilities at Buton, Mohammad Ajul, Basilan. This project is funded by the Government in cooperation with Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) through the ARMM social fund the proponent of this project is the Department of Education.

Construction Site:

Buton construct Buton construct2

Buton construct3

Buton construct4

Estimated cost of project : Eleven point two (11.2) Million Philippine Pesos
Contractor : Dawing Corporation
Project proponent : Department of Education

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